Business Coaching

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Business Coaching

We take a proactive approach to help support, consult, and advise as part of your professional team of advisors.  We offer more in-depth business coaching for our clients that would like to develop specific areas of their business, have certain hurdles to overcome, or would like to evolve their business.

There are three common types of businesses that we consult and advise with:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Corporation

Each of these has different and important implications for liability, taxation, and succession. A lawyer or accountant can advise you on which is best suited for your needs, and offer the most appropriate structure.

Within your business structure, consideration should be given to:

  • Appropriate tax planning
  • Succession planning (transferring of the business value to the heirs)
  • The use of suitable pension plans (ex: Individual Pension Plan for business owners)
  • Effective strategies for investing corporate surplus with the least amount of tax

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