Life, Disability, & Critical Illness Insurance

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Life, Disability & Critical Illness Insurance

Life Insurance (Individual)

Life insurance provides safety and security for the ones we love by paying out a tax-free lump sum upon death to the named beneficiaries.

Life insurance is most commonly used to:

  • Cover final expenses
  • Pay off mortgages or loans
  • Eliminate tax liabilities at death
  • Replace lost income for surviving spouse and children
  • Provide education funds of children
  • Provide gifts to your heirs

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “do I have enough?”  A comprehensive analysis of your assets and expenses will help us determine what your needs are.  You can have peace of mind knowing your loved ones will be have all of their financial needs looked after.

Another question we get asked is “what type of life insurance should I get?”  There are essentially two different types of life insurance policy: term and whole life.  We can help you decide which one is right for you.

Disability Insurance (Individual)

If you had to take time off work unexpectedly because of an illness or injury would you and your family be able to continue living the lifestyle to which you’re accustomed.  Disability coverage provides a monthly sum of money to replace earned income when an illness or accident causes a prolonged disability.  It is often the most neglected personal insurance need and yet the most important type of coverage. There are many options for disability insurance and coverage requires an in-depth review to customize a solution. Get started by contacting us today.

Disability Insurance can be structured to be integrated into any group coverage.

Critical Illness Insurance (Individual)

In today’s world of modern medicine you are more likely to survive a terminal illness, which is wonderful news.  However, without proper planning your financial well being and future plans can be seriously damaged by the cost of getting well.  Critical Illness coverage provides a lump sum payment upon the diagnosis of one of several defined illnesses. Some of the covered illnesses include cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and heart attack. The insurance proceeds can be used for any purpose to make life easier in a very stressful time.

For more information on Life, Disability, or Critical Illness Insurance, or to request a quote, please contact us for your personalized solution today.